Legal Beats

Legal Beats

Legal Beats: The Rhythms of Law and Order

Yo, listen up, I got the 411
About the law, yeah, we’re talking worldwide
From international business law benefits
To Netflix in the UAE, yeah, that’s what I say

Need a family lawyer in Mandurah?
Or just want to know lawyer laws, hey, I’ll show you the way

Thinking ’bout starting a biz down under?
Check out how to register a business in Australia, no need to wonder

Wanna know what happens if you contract COVID-19?
Or if you’re eligible for welfare benefits, don’t worry, I’ve got time

Heard about bounced cheque legal action in Pakistan?
Or if it’s legal to be buried without a coffin, sounds a bit wack

For those looking for NY state law enforcement jobs,
There’s a world of legal beats, and I’m just a hop